Washington Post Endorses GOP Governor Larry Hogan For Re-Election In Maryland: “Mr. Hogan Deserves A Second Term”

The Washington Post has endorsed Republican Governor Larry Hogan for re-election, citing Hogan’s pragmatic leadership and proven ability to work with both parties to move Maryland forward. “We didn’t support him when he ran for governor in 2014. We do now,” writes the Washington Post editorial board. “Mr. Hogan deserves a second term.”

On the other hand, Ben Jealous, Hogan’s Democrat challenger, has based his campaign on “unrealistic,” “unwise” and “unaffordable” spending plans.

“In polarized times, [Hogan] has stuck to the political middle, from where he has fashioned agreements that will benefit millions of Marylanders. That’s no easy feat,” concludes the Washington Post.

This comes just one day after a new Washington Post poll showed Governor Hogan with a formidable lead in his re-election effort, holding a 20-point advantage over Ben Jealous, 58 percent to 38 percent.