“I want Joe Biden here…every week”

Photo credit: David Kosling via Flicker

Hundreds of American citizens have been left behind in Afghanistan and are at the mercy of the Taliban, tens of millions in military equipment were left for terror groups to use, and even our US military dogs have been abandoned. It goes without saying that this has been an abysmal failure by President Joe Biden.

So I have just two simple questions:

  • Does Terry McAuliffe think Biden handled the Afghanistan withdrawal properly?
  • Does he still want Biden to come campaign for him every week?

“The botched Afghanistan withdrawal that left behind hundreds of Americans and gifted tens of millions in military equipment to terrorists is a stain on the Biden Administration that will not go away,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “If Terry McAuliffe lacks the political courage to criticize the president for leaving Americans to die at the hands of terrorists, he should go ahead and tell voters that now. Maybe at the next McAuliffe-Biden rally?”