Wall Street Journal: Malloy’s Connecticut “Has A Jobs Problem”

Under failed Democrat governor Dan Malloy, Connecticut’s economy continues to go from bad to worse. Employment in Connecticut remains below pre-recession levels with forecasters showing no hope for improvement over the next two years of Malloy’s term.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Total employment in the state hasn’t returned to pre-recession levels, lagging behind the nation, which crossed that mark in May 2014.

“Connecticut has done very, very poorly since the Great Recession,” said Fred Carstensen, director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis at the University of Connecticut. “We never really got out of it.”…

The employment outlook isn’t bright. Andy Condon, director of the office of research at Connecticut’s Labor Department, described the state’s job growth forecast of 5,000 jobs a year for the next two years “moderate at best.”

With large businesses like GE and Bristol-Myers Squib departing Connecticut en masse, leaving the state ranked one of the worst places to business in America, Dan Malloy’s Connecticut continues to fall further behind under his failed leadership. Connecticut is in dire need of a new direction to repair the damage Dan Malloy has done as governor.