Wagyu beef wasn’t worth the “🐂 💩”

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Governor Lujan Grisham halted spending taxpayer money on wagyu beef, tuna steaks and booze this past quarter, but it wasn’t because she felt bad about blowing New Mexicans hard-earned dollars to fund her bougie lifestyle.

Lujan Grisham’s team says she only stopped her wasteful spending because she is tired of the “bullshit” backlash from citizens rightfully outraged at her wasteful spending.

Forget about doing the right things for the right reasons with Governor Lujan Grisham in charge…

In case you missed it…

New Mexico governor scales back expense-account spending
The Santa Fe New Mexican
Daniel J. Chacón
July 2, 2021
No Wagyu beef. No tuna steaks. No bottles of vodka and tequila.

Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who faced stinging criticism from the public, scrutiny from the news media and political attacks from the GOP over purchases made through her taxpayer-funded expense account, has dramatically scaled back her discretionary fund spending since the controversy blew up in February.

The decision was deliberate.

“We don’t need an unnecessary headache and to give Republicans any more bull—- to talk about that they can exaggerate and run ads about and get people on Facebook screaming and making death threats and everything,” said Tripp Stelnicki, the governor’s chief spokesman.

But the spending, which included thousands of dollars on groceries for the governor’s mansion, including liquor and beer, could have political consequences for Lujan Grisham.

A complaint from a constituent sparked an “examination” of the governor’s spending by State Auditor Brian Colón’s office. Colón said Thursday the examination has almost wrapped up. He declined to discuss its findings, saying he can’t comment on an ongoing examination. But he said he’s working on a final draft of the report that could be released as early as Thursday.

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