Virginia’s Top Liberal Blog Slams Ralph Northam On Pipelines Once Again As Democrats Panic

Even with his own campaign staff hitting the panic button, fearing the worst for his chances on Election Day in a “margin-of-error” race, Ralph Northam continues to take heat from anti-pipeline Democrats, threatening to cost him much needed votes from his base. Blue Virginia, the Commonwealth’s top liberal blog which had previously accused Northam of “giving the finger to progressives” in supporting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, once again slammed Northam in a new article, calling his stance “questionable (if not outright false)” and saying “simply put, both McAuliffe and Northam are wrong, on multiple grounds” when it comes to pipelines.

Even with Northam’s campaign struggling, still “yet to catch fire among many Democrats,” opponents of the pipeline are showing no signs of letting up after months of protesting his office openings, booing him at campaign events, and threatening to withhold votes from him. With Northam facing an increasingly apparent enthusiasm gap while his own staff expresses panic to reporters as the race enters his home stretch, Northam’s still unresolved issues with his party’s anti-pipeline voters may end up costing him dearly on Election Day.

Blue Virginia writes:

“…There is not a serious Virginian environmentalist who is not frustrated by Governor McAuliffe’s enabling of Dominion’s disastrous plan and Ralph Northam’s embrace of a questionable (if not outright false) stance that stopping these pipelines would be outside his control as governor.  Simply put, both McAuliffe and Northam are wrong, on multiple grounds (environmental, economic, legal authorities), as to these pipelines.”