Virginia’s Top Liberal Blog Says Ralph Northam Is Running A “Lackluster” Campaign For Governor

Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam’s underwhelming campaign is starting to frustrate his left-wing base as he struggles to keep pace with GOP nominee Ed Gillespie’s momentum. Virginia’s top liberal blog, Blue Virginia, slammed Northam’s campaign today as “lackluster” while asking why Northam’s campaign lacks clear energy. While Ed Gillespie continues to roll out a comprehensive policy agenda and works to actively engage Virginia voters, Northam’s lack of energy is taking a serious toll on Democrat enthusiasm, threatening his chances of victory this fall.

Blue Virginia writes:

“… why am I not bursting with enthusiasm for Ralph Northam right now?

We could start by talking about what seems to be a lackluster campaign.  There seems to be a ‘let’s coast our way to victory’ attitude by at least some in the campaign staff and close Northam associates, if not Northam himself. While this post is not the place for a detailed discussion of this perception (which, based on conversations with involved Virginia Democrats isn’t isolated to this writer), a simple link provides a tangible example of why a reasonable person can have this view. Look at the campaign web page re “events.”  It should take only a few seconds. As I write this post, the most recent “event” posting is from July 27 — two weeks ago. The item prior to that is from… June 6, a week before the primary.  Obviously, a website isn’t the end-all, be-all of political campaigning, but is it unreasonable to take that as a sign of lackadaisical campaign efforts (by at least some of the campaign staff)?  Hint to the Northam campaign: step up YOUR game if you expect me (and others) to step up OUR game in terms of door-knocking/phone-banking/etc…”