Virginia Democrats Aren’t Buying Tom Perriello’s Flip-Flops

As failed former Democrat congressman Tom Perriello campaigns around the state pandering to the far-left for his gubernatorial bid, his established record of flip-flopping on key issues and saying anything to get elected is catching up to him. At a recent event in Montclair, Perriello got an icy reception from Democrat voters who confronted him over his rampant flip-flops.

Potomac Local reports:

“The room was filled with Democratic voters, and many had tough questions for Perriello on his congressional voting record. Many wanted to know why he accepted a campaign donation in 2010 from the NRA, and why he supported the Stupak-Pitts Amendment to Obamacare that stopped federal funds from being used for abortion…

‘What concerns me is who will he sell out to next time? Who will he take money from that supports a position that the rest of us don’t know about?’ said Hale.”

The difference between what Tom Perriello tells voters and what he actually does has raised eyebrows throughout the Commonwealth in recent days. Earlier this week, veteran University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato commented on Perriello, saying he “is obviously more than willing to present himself as whatever he needs to be at any given gathering.”