VIDEO: Malloy Enabler Ned Lamont Threatens Tax Hikes On All Connecticut Residents: “Everybody’s Going To Have To Be At The Table”

Instead of hiding his support for America’s most unpopular governor and his job-killing policies, Connecticut Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont keeps building his campaign on continuing Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s agenda through even more tax hikes on working families. Asked in a recent interview on The Citizen Mike Show whether he plans on pushing for more income tax hikes on Connecticut citizens, Lamont responded “everybody’s going to have to be at the table ,” signaling his eagerness to build on Malloy’s tax increases even after they’ve driven jobs and investment out of the state for years:

MIKE BRODINSKY: “How about raising the income tax on upper brackets and all the famous one percent or some other percentage?”

NED LAMONT: “Yeah as I’ve said, if it’s part of an honestly balanced budget, if it’s part of something that really restructures our long-term obligations, if it’s part of something that allows me to streamline government, use more IT and bring down the cost of service, I think everybody’s going to have to be at the table, including the wealthiest, to be part of that solution.”