VIDEO: Malloy Enabler Ned Lamont Caught Repeating False Claims On Connecticut’s Dismal Economy

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont continues to distort the facts about Connecticut’s economic challenges as he defends Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s agenda. New video of Lamont at a recent campaign event shows him asserting that Connecticut has “a pretty good economy right now” while repeating false claims about General Electric’s decision to leave the state as a result of Malloy’s failed policies, stating they did not depart because of ‘high taxes.’

NED LAMONT: “I worked with GE, I said, ‘Why did you leave?’ It wasn’t taxes, it was transportation, is what we had to do. And it’s also something, Jonathan referred to this as well, I mean there are thousands of good paying jobs in this state going […]. Somebody asked me, “we have a lousy economy in the state of Connecticut,” no we don’t, we have a pretty good economy right now.”

Not only did GE specifically cite business tax hikes as the key reason for their departure, but a recent study by the Tax Foundation showed that Connecticut taxpayers “worked longer last year to pay their taxes than Americans in the other 49 states.” Lamont also must not have been paying attention earlier this year when the S&P downgraded the state’s credit rating due to “an economic recovery from the last recession that has lagged behind the region and the nation”

Connecticut deserves a leader in the governorship who will face the state’s problems with real solutions, not one who buries their head in the sand on Connecticut’s challenges while parroting false claims to defend Dan Malloy.