VIDEO: Colorado Dem Gov Candidate Mike Johnston Caught Attacking Rep. Jared Polis For Self-Funding His Campaign

The Colorado Democrat gubernatorial primary is already getting ugly. Dem Gov candidate Mike Johnston, known as the “Bernie Sanders style” candidate, is on the attack against his primary opponent, Rep. Jared Polis.  This is just a preview of what is shaping up to be an expensive and divisive contest for the Democrat nomination. New video of Johnston at a recent event shows him criticizing Polis’ willingness to self-fund his campaign, nothing that “he’s just going to put his own money in,” and that “these races I don’t think can be bought,” after reports that Polis has already donated over a quarter of a million dollars to his own campaign:

MIKE JOHNSTON: “Jared, yeah Jared’s very different because he is essentially not going to raise anyone else’s money, he’s just going to put his own money in. So he spent eight million of his own money on his congressional race the first time, I expect he’ll do twice that this time. So, that’s going to happen, I also think that what we found is, these races I don’t think can be bought, I think these races are a function of people thinking you have a plan for the state that’s going to make a difference and you’re willing to listen and listen early and often , and you’re willing to bring people together to get a really big thing done…”

With months to go until Democrats choose their nominee, Johnston is already going on the offensive against his wealthy, self-funding opponent and his deep pockets. If Johnston is willing to use “Bernie Sanders-style” attacks to draw support from left-wing primary voters, Colorado Democrats appear headed for a divisive and costly nomination contest that will weaken their party’s chances in the 2018 general election.