VIDEO: Colorado Dem Gov Candidate Mike Johnston Attacks Jared Polis For Getting Nothing Done In Congress

In the Colorado Democrat gubernatorial primary, Mike Johnston is aiming his fire at Jared Polis and again attacking his rival. Video of a recent event shows Johnston attacking Polis’ record in Congress, noting that he hasn’t worked to reach across the aisle and as a result hasn’t gotten “as much done there.”

MIKE JOHNSTON:“I think what I do know is that the people who have been the most effective in governing this state look like the folks seated in this room. If you were to ask Republicans if they had to work with one Democrat, in the House, who would it be –  they would say Millie Hamner and that’s not always because she’s going to agree with them, but she’s always going to be honest, always going to reach out, and find ways to collaborate that people don’t always do. And I think when you have to govern a state that is a third Republican, a third Independent and a third Democrat, you have to do that. I don’t think Jared has had to do that in his role as much as a congressperson, because they don’t get as much done there.

With Colorado’s Democrat primary quickly shaping up to be an ugly contest between two unapologetically far-left candidates, the race between Johnston and Polis will continue to divide Democrats, leaving their party less likely to emerge victorious at the ballot box on Election Day in 2018.