Vice President Mike Pence: Greg Gianforte Is The Law And Order Governor Montana Needs

In a stirring campaign event in Belgrade, Montana, Vice President Mike Pence made it crystal clear that Montanans need a reprieve from the failed Bullock-Cooney administration and offered a full-throated endorsement of Greg Gianforte for governor.

Vice President Mike Pence: “That’s why we need a strong governor in Montana, who will stand for law and order. That’s why we need Greg Gianforte.”

Citing the Trump administration’s unwavering support for the men and women of law enforcement and strong opposition to radical Democrat-led movements to defund the police, Vice President Pence stressed the importance of electing leaders who support for law enforcement and will keep communities safe. In Greg Gianforte, Montanans will have that leader.

While Greg Gianforte unequivocally condemns efforts to undermine law enforcement, liberal Mike Cooney is touting an endorsement from a group that openly supports defunding the police.