After VA Turns Red, Laura Kelly Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Photo credit: Charlie Riedel, Associated Press

On Tuesday, a Democrat candidate for governor lost in a deep blue state Joe Biden had won by over 10% last year. Looking to the gubernatorial race in Kansas next year – where Biden actually lost by over 14% – it’s more clear than ever Democrat Laura Kelly doesn’t stand a chance at re-election.

As the RGA outlined in our pre-Election Day memo earlier this week, Democrat governors in states where President Biden had the same or a smaller margin than Virginia, like Kelly, are in HUGE trouble.

Read the RGA’s pre-Election day memo here.

“The palpable nationwide frustration with Democrat-controlled leadership at every level of government is a bad sign for Laura Kelly’s chances at re-election,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “From the rising costs of living due to bad economic policies, to the border crisis that’s allowing fatal drugs to flow into American communities, to the vaccine mandates costing people their livelihoods, Kansans are beyond frustrated with Biden’s failed leadership and Kelly’s refusal to challenge him.”