Unions Funnel Millions To Radically Far-Left Iowa Dem Gov Candidate

Further underscoring the race to the radical left among Iowa’s Democrat candidates for governor, new campaign finance reports reveal how powerful unions are funneling millions to a far-left candidate that is promising dangerous spending increases and tax hikes.

Left-wing political blog Iowa Starting Line is reporting that SEIU unions have already given over $1.8 million to gubernatorial candidate Cathy Glasson, a left-wing activist whose already proposed massive new taxing and spending. Glasson is reportedly “gaining traction in the seven-way Democratic primary… by consolidating support from progressive activists.”

“This level of financial support will make Glasson the best-funded candidate running on the party’s left-most flank in a statewide primary in probably forever.”

Glasson’s growing prominence in the crowded primary is concerning for Iowa Democrats, because she’s advocating for an agenda wildly out of touch with Iowa voters who have consistently been trending red.

The American Prospect explains that Glasson has staked her campaign on a Bernie Sanders-like “medicare for all” bill – otherwise known as a government takeover of Iowa’s healthcare system. Glasson’s plan would force a massive $12 billion tax increase on hardworking Iowa families.

Glasson is hurting the Democratic brand in Iowa even more, dragging the gubernatorial primary further to the left. Iowa voters simply aren’t interested in politicians that promise major tax increases if elected, or a political party that makes such promises the centerpiece of their electoral strategy.