Union Leader Endorses New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu For Re-Election

New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, the Union Leader, has endorsed GOP Governor Chris Sununu for re-election this November.

The Union Leader applauds Sununu for his “highly-successful first term,” citing his work to improve education, lower tax rates, balance budgets, and bring accountability to the state bureaucracy. In contrast, The Union Leader criticizes his Democrat opponent Molly Kelly for her support of tax hikes in the state legislature, claiming that she “should never again be trusted with New Hampshire’s fiscal health.”

With Governor Sununu’s strong record of achievement and dedication to expanding opportunity, The Union Leader’s endorsement further shows why he must keep leading the state forward as governor.

The New Hampshire Union Leader writes:

“After a highly-successful first term as governor, Republican Chris Sununu is seeking a second. New Hampshire voters would be wise to give it to him.

In two short years, Sununu has achieved real reform. After serving as the Granite State’s smiling ambassador to bring new businesses to New Hampshire, he reorganized the state’s economic development agency to focus on jobs.

Sununu cleaned out the deadwood at the Division of Children, Youth and Families and brought oversight and accountability to a bureaucracy that had left too many New Hampshire children at risk.

Sununu signed a balanced budget that lowered business tax rates, focused spending on vulnerable populations and drug treatment and rehabilitation, and returned money to cities and towns for roads, bridges, and school safety projects.

For the first time, Sununu provided state funding for full-day kindergarten, brokering a compromise tied to Keno revenues. He delivered on long-held Republican priorities such as concealed carry and voter integrity legislation, and his administration is prosecuting cases of voter fraud,

Sununu withstood tremendous political pressure in vetoing a pair of bills that would have raised electric rates for New Hampshire families and businesses.

His Democratic opponent, Molly Kelly, has little to show from her 10 years in the state Senate. She was part of the Democratic majorities that drove the state’s budget off a cliff, raising over 100 taxes and fees, driving up huge deficits that eventually forced cuts to key services.

Kelly should never again be trusted with New Hampshire’s fiscal health.

Having spent the entirety of this campaign blasting Sununu for lowering business taxes, Kelly now says she would leave the Business Enterprise Tax in place. This is the latest flip-flop from Kelly, who first voted to create the LLC Tax, then to repeal it.

Kelly’s change of heart is a sign of her desperation. She is willing to leave one tax where it is in order to get the chance to raise so many others.

Chris Sununu has been a reliable steward of New Hampshire’s finances, and a steady leader. He has more work to do. Let’s give him a chance to do it.”