Union Leader Blasts New Hampshire Dem Gov Candidates Steve Marchand and Molly Kelly For ‘Race To The Left’

As liberal tax hiker Molly Kelly and far-left politician Steve Marchand battle it out for the Democrat gubernatorial nomination in New Hampshire, their increasingly radical stances on key issues continue to draw criticism as political observers sour on their chances of victory in November.

A new editorial by the Union Leader blasts Kelly and Marchand as they “race to the left,” writing that Kelly has “never met a tax or a government program she didn’t like” while Marchand campaigns on “tax increases on businesses and gasoline,” noting that it “takes some effort to get to the left of Molly Kelly.”

As Kelly and Marchand campaign on a far-left platform of raising taxes and reversing economic growth in the Granite State, they continue to show New Hampshire voters how out-of-touch they are and that they can’t be trusted to lead.

The Union Leader writes:

“It takes some effort to get to the left of Molly Kelly.

The former Democratic state senator anchored the party’s liberal wing for 10 years at the State House, and never met a tax or a government program she didn’t like.

But Steve Marchand is doing his best to make Kelly look like Barry Goldwater.

At a forum sponsored by Nashua Democrats on Monday, Kelly stressed the importance of working across the aisle, while highlighting her liberal record.

Marchand rejected the idea of appealing to Republican or independent voters, saying that Democrats needed to go on the offensive.

Marchand is openly campaigning on gun control, tax increases on businesses and gasoline… He won’t even commit to vetoing a sales or income tax.”