Unemployment Rates in Red States Continue to Edge Down

Just a month after eight Republican-led states achieved record-low unemployment rates, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ March report revealed unemployment rates in states like ArkansasGeorgiaMontanaNebraska, and Utah continue to edge down or hold steady for another month with rates well below the national average and more people back to work than ever before.

20 of the top 25 states with the lowest unemployment rates in March were all led by Republican governors including:

  • Nebraska
  • Utah
  • Indiana
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • South Dakota
  • Idaho
  • Oklahoma
  • Vermont
  • Alabama
  • North Dakota
  • Virginia
  • Arkansas
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Arizona
  • Iowa
  • South Carolina
  • Wyoming

8 of the 10 states with the highest unemployment rates in March were led by Democrat governors including:

  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware


More than 4 times as many GOP-led states (20) are below the national average for unemployment than Democrat-led states (5).

“While hard-working American families battle with record high costs of groceries and gas and struggle to keep the lights on, Republican governors protect good-paying jobs, foster strong economies, and offer real relief by putting money back in their pockets,” said RGA Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “It is clear that Joe Biden’s bad policies put the demands of the radical left above changing the trajectory of record-high inflationHis tanking approval makes it clear, Americans know Biden and the Democrat governors that embolden his destructive agenda are to blame for the tough financial decisions they are facing daily.”