Under Gov. Paul LePage’s Leadership, Maine’s Job Outlook Is Stronger Than Ever

Thanks to Governor Paul LePage’s pro-growth policies and effective conservative leadership, Maine’s job market is now stronger than ever. Newly released job records show the state’s unemployment rate fell to a 3 percent in March, the lowest on record since 1976 and well below the national rate. A direct result of Governor LePage’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, the people of Maine are reaping the rewards of a booming job market and rapidly expanding opportunity for middle-class families. Maine continues to set a tremendous example of how Republican governors are driving economic growth and transforming their states for the better, as Governor LePage has his state positioned for success now and in the future.

The Portland Press Herald reports:

“Maine’s preliminary seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.0 percent in March, the lowest on record since the current methodology was implemented in 1976, driven in part by high job gains in construction, transportation, education and healthcare.

The March rate was down from 3.2 percent in February and 3.7 percent a year ago. The number of unemployed Mainers was down 4,500 over the year to 21,000. The unemployment rate was below 4 percent in 14 of the last 17 months, only the third such period in the last 41 years.

That compares to the national preliminary unemployment rate of 4.5 percent, down from 4.7 percent in February and 5.0 percent a year ago.”