Under Failed Dem Gov Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island Falls Further Behind On Business

Despite Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s empty words on improving Rhode Island’s climate for business, the state continues to fall further behind economically under her failed leadership. New best and worst states for business rankings from over 500 CEO’s placed Rhode Island at 42nd nationally after being ranked 37th in 2015. Instead of improving as Raimondo has routinely stated, Rhode Island fell a spot in the same rankings since 2016, falling five full spots since Raimondo took office.

The new ranking comes after a month of bad economic news for Gina Raimondo with March job numbers showing Rhode Island lost 700 jobs, which she decided to blame on the weather. While Raimondo has said Rhode Island is “basically at full employment” and the economy is “doing fine,” the numbers show that Rhode Island remains far behind peak employment in December 2006 as she and her staff have been caught using false job numbers on multiple occasions.

As Raimondo continues to try and spin her failed record while the Democratic Governors Association spends an increasing sum of money with more than 18 months to go until election day, Rhode Islanders see no signs of improvement as the state falls further behind for business and jobs. Voters will not forget these failures when they go to the polls in November 2018.