Two Months Later… Fried Finally Files

Photo credit: Steve Cannon, AP

Nikki Fried’s late financial disclosure was finally filed today, two months after the deadline to file and just hours before the former marijuana lobbyist, who now oversees the industry, was set to be fined. She also amended yet another previous year’s disclosure.

“Once again, Nikki Fried’s been forced to correct the record after misleading Floridians about her assets,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Repeatedly, Fried has shown no amount of time will be enough to accurately disclose what’s flowing into her own bank accounts. She’s an incompetent mess who certainly can’t be trusted to handle the finances of the 15th largest economy in the world as the Florida’s chief executive.”

Florida officials holding elected office, like Fried, are required to turn in their annual financial disclosure for the previous year on July 1. Fried has already faced increased scrutiny after she failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in income and was forced to repeatedly edit previous disclosures. Today’s filing comes two months late. Elected officials are charged $25 a day if they don’t file by September 1.