Top Dem Gov Recruit Kevin Lembo Backs Out of Running For Connecticut Governor in 2018

Connecticut Democrats were dealt another blow today when top Dan Malloy Enabler Kevin Lembo announced he will not enter the race to succeed Malloy, reversing his earlier decision to explore a run for governor. Lembo joins Malloy, State Senator Ted Kennedy Jr. and State Attorney General George Jepsen as the latest top-tier Democrat recruits to take a pass on running in 2018 and a pass on defending the party’s record of economic decline and endless budgetary crises on Malloy’s watch.

Lembo spent almost eight years as the accountant for an administration that drove Connecticut’s credit rating downward, pursued reckless tax-and-spend policies that led to a never-ending budget crisis, and pushed major companies like General Electric and now Aetna out of the state with anti-business policies. In the end, Lembo chose like Attorney General Jepsen, to skip the “misery” of running on Malloy’s failed record.

As other top Malloy Enablers like Nancy Wyman continue to flirt with the prospect of entering Connecticut’s gubernatorial race, Lembo’s decision to pass on the race is a clear indication of how great a challenge it will be to run on the eight year record of failures under Dan Malloy and the Democrats’ leadership.