TONIGHT: Kamala Harris & Terry McAuliffe

Photo credit: Terry McAuliffe campaign

Tonight, Terry McAuliffe is welcoming Vice President Kamala Harris to Virginia in a last ditch effort to drum up enthusiasm for his sinking ship of a campaign.

You know how it goes: birds of a feather flock together:

  • Kamala Harris applauded the mayor of Los Angeles for slashing police funding by $150 million.
  • Terry McAuliffe proudly accepted and touted the endorsement from a group that publicly supports defunding the police. Then he got in a shouting match with a sheriff who questioned why he would accept this endorsement.

“Terry McAuliffe is calling in the cavalry in the final stretch of the race because he knows that he alone fails to excite Virginia voters,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “It’s fitting that Kamala Harris — champion of defunding the police — is the latest surrogate for McAuliffe, who is on record proudly supporting a group that also wants to defund the police. At tonight’s event, Harris and McAuliffe should tell voters what their plan is for combatting Virginia’s 20-year high murder rate without law enforcement’s help.”