Tom Perriello And Ralph Northam Choose Big Union Bosses Over Virginians And A Stronger Economic Future

While the two Democrats running this year for governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello, have been more than willing to flip-flop and embrace the extreme on multiple key issues in hopes of winning far-left radical primary voters, both have been very clear that they will put the interests of big labor firmly ahead of working Virginians if elected. In their race to the left, Northam and Perriello have presented Virginia Democrats with the most pro-big labor options in the Commonwealth’s history, even after incumbent governor Terry McAulife was elected, as both have sold out their candidacies to big union backers. Here are just some examples of Northam and Perriello’s positions favoring big labor:


Ralph Northam has not only taken over a quarter million dollars in contributions from big labor, but has pushed proposals backed by big unions that the Richmond Times-Dispatch called “fine politics and terrible policy” that would “more than double the cost of low-end labor.” Northam also opposed attempts to protect Virginia’s right to work laws in the Commonwealth’s constitution, voting against a measure to do so while in the State Senate. While Northam wants to be realistic and “not pick fights that we perhaps can’t win right now,” he hopes that he can win a Democrat legislative majority that will push through a radical big labor agenda that could potentially repeal laws like right to work:


Not only has Perriello also taken thousands in donations from labor unions and hundreds of thousands from liberal billionaire and right to work opponent George Soros, but like Northam he has supported destructive union-backed proposals and has even pushed to end Virginia’s status as a right-to-work state, calling the practice “an anti-growth strategy” at a recent debate. Perriello’s radical stance puts him at odds with Democrats like Senator Tim Kaine, State Senator Creigh Deeds, and Terry McAuliffe:

Perriello and Northam clearly haven’t been paying attention to the successes of states with right to work laws on the books. From 1990 to 2014, employment in states with these laws grew over twice as much as states that did not. States like Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan have put in place right to work laws that are spurring unprecedented economic growth benefitting citizens at all socioeconomic levels. Under Republican leadership, Tennessee has been called a “model for the nation” with its right to work law and Kentucky has added roughly 40,000 jobs since it passed a right to work law under Governor Matt Bevin.

With polls showing 71 percent of Americans supporting right to work laws and now 28 states, including Virginia, now having passed laws, big labor bosses are now relying on out-of-touch politicians like Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam to mislead voters while they push failed anti-worker policies. Virginians deserve a governor who will put the interests of workers ahead of big labor. Unfortunately both Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello offer just the opposite to voters.