Tim Walz Wants to Bring Washington D.C. To Minnesota?

Minnesota Democratic Congressman and DFL candidate for governor Tim Walz has been a member of the Washington D.C. political elite for over a decade, and now it’s showing in his gubernatorial campaign.

Walz has already moved left in his campaign for higher office, embracing a far-left running mate and flip-flopping on positions like healthcare and the Second Amendment. Now, Walz is revealing himself as even more out-of-touch than previously thought, and boasting that he will bring D.C. to Minnesota.

The Bemidji Pioneer is reporting that “U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, a Mankato-area Democrat, said his Washington experience can help him as Minnesota governor.”

This is just the latest out-of-touch gaffe from Walz. Alpha News reported this week that at a campaign stop, Tim Walz disparaged rural, Republican Minnesota as “mostly rocks and cows” – insulting the very Minnesotans he hopes to persuade to vote for him.

Republicans quickly panned Walz’ disparaging comment, with one candidate calling them “arrogant and ignorant.”