Tennessee Dem Gov Candidate Karl Dean Refuses To Answer Press Questions On His Spending Scandal

Tennessee Democrat gubernatorial candidate Karl Dean continues to face criticism for allegedly using $7.4 million in federal flood disaster relief to build an amphitheater, and then explicitly misleading voters about it.  Now, Dean is refusing to answer questions from the press, and was recently caught dodging News4’s I-Team on camera.

News4 reports that flooded homeowners “weren’t too happy in May when we told them where the money went.” “Disgusted. Just disgusted,” said one homeowner. Dean claimed at a recent debate that the money was not used “for building an amphitheater.” News4 points out that Dean’s statement was misleading:

“‘Building’ is the key word. The money didn’t go for bricks and mortar. It did go for architects and engineers for the amphitheater complex.”

Now that he’s has been caught misleading voters about his flood relief scandal, Dean is dodging the press. Watch Dean refuse to answer the I-Team’s questions here.

Evidence is mounting that Karl Dean misused federal disaster relief funds and isn’t being honest about it. If Dean can’t be trusted to tell the truth about this, he can’t be trusted to lead.