TBT: Richard Cordray Angrily Reacts To Questions Of Overspending At CFPB: “Why Does That Matter To You?”

Washington D.C.’s most power-hungry and scandal-plagued bureaucrat, Richard Cordray, has yet to respond to new reports that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, while he was its director, grossly overspent on “luxurious” renovations to the CFPB’s headquarters that ran “significantly above the original budget.” Cordray’s evasiveness on this topic is nothing new. When testifying in front of the House Financial Services Committee in 2015, Cordray was asked who gave the authorization to make the renovations, which came at a cost of upwards of $215 million, and replied to Congresswoman Ann Wagner, “why does that matter to you?”

ANN WAGNER: “Who signed off? Who gave the authorization for such an incredible amount.”

RICHARD CORDRAY: “And why does that matter to you?”

ANN WAGNER: “Because it’s 215 million dollars of tax payers money. That’s why it matters to me.”

Not only did Cordray attempt to dodge any responsibility for his egregious mismanagement of the CFPB, but he appeared completely unconcerned that his agency spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars over budget on luxurious renovations to its Washington, D.C. headquarters. Cordray’s scandal-plagued tenure and mismanagement at the CFPB continue to show Ohio voters why he can’t be trusted to lead.