Taxpayers Aren’t Laughing at New York Dem Gov Andrew Cuomo’s $10 Million Comedy Club “Boondoggle”

New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is known for wasting taxpayer money. His latest case of reckless spending reinforces that well-deserved reputation.

Cuomo is being slammed in the press for his decision to dump $10 million in taxpayer money into a comedy club in upstate New York.

The club is three hours away from Ithaca and more than and six hours from New York City.

His justification? It will create “scores” of jobs. No number, not even a ballpark – just “scores”.

Sounds funny? It’s not.

It’s just the latest in a long line of Cuomo-backed, taxpayer funded waste.

The National Review writes that Cuomo’s “wacky” comedy club “boondoggle…is just the latest in a long series of desperate moves to conjure up jobs of dubious sustainability using bales of taxpayer money.”

The kicker? The New York Times reports that the pot of money being used to finance the project is the same fund that’s drawn the attention of federal investigators, and led to corruption charges against Cuomo allies.

Taxpayer waste and potential crooked dealings – it’s the best Andrew Cuomo has to offer New York.