Tax Hiking Dem Gov. Ned Lamont Did A Call-In Radio Show. It Didn’t Go Well.

When given the rare opportunity to ask their governor questions, overburdened Connecticut taxpayers did not hold back on tax-and-spend liberal Governor Ned Lamont.

Lamont, who has already become one of America’s least popular governors despite just one year in office, appeared on local radio this week to sell his latest plan to syphon millions of dollars out of the pockets of Connecticut’s working families. Lamont is establishing 12 new tolls across the state at a price tag off $170 million annually, while leaving the door open to his original plan of implementing a new toll on all vehicles, costing taxpayers $320 million.

Callers spent the day lambasting Lamont for his proposal, stating that they’ve “got a problem with the tolls,” and that “we just plain can’t afford [tolls],” pointing to the state’s already-crippling tax burden and eventually forcing Lamont to admit that he flip-flopped on his campaign promise of no tax hikes:

Lamont acknowledged that he raised some taxes, even though during the campaign he promised not to raise tax rates.

‘I said during the campaign that I didn’t want to raise rates, but you’re right,’’ Lamont said.” 

With Lamont’s track record of broken promises and treating taxpayers as the state’s piggybank, Connecticut residents should brace themselves for even higher tolls and tax rates – until 2022 when they can vote him out of office.