Taking Action, GOP Governor Ron DeSantis Off To A “Fast Start” In Florida

Just days after taking office, GOP Governor Ron DeSantis has wasted no time taking action to move Florida forward, attracting support from across the political spectrum for his tireless pace and decisive leadership.

Zach Anderson of The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that Governor DeSantis is off to a “fast start” as he attracts “notice for the sheer volume of his actions over the first two weeks and also for taking actions that have bipartisan support on issues such as the environment and marijuana.” Anderson also notes that Governor DeSantis nominated a Supreme Court Justice just one day after his inauguration and that his early actions have been “widely praised and many environmental advocates” in Florida.

Thanks to Governor DeSantis’ tireless commitment to serving the people of the Sunshine State, Florida will continue to move forward under his leadership.