Stuck On The Far-Left, Ralph Northam Tries To Run Away From His Liberal Record

After winning the Democrat primary’s race to the left to become the most extreme gubernatorial nominee in Virginia history, Ralph Northam is stuck with his far-left record. But now in a desperate attempt to mislead voters, Northam is trying to run from his well-earned “liberal” label. In an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on Friday, Northam responded to being called liberal by bizarrely referencing his having attended Virginia Military Institute, and claiming others are “confused” if they think he is a liberal. If Northam believes he can now fool voters after having spent months racing to the left, and years of far-left positions, Virginians should have deep concern about his dishonesty.

CHUCK TODD: The portrayal that the Gillespie campaign wants to make of you they say you’re the most liberal nominee for governor in the history of Virginia. Do you accept that label number one and number two are they right?”

RALPH NORTHAM: Well as you know Chuck I grew up in rural Virginia over on the eastern shore and attended Virginia Military Institute in Lexington and I don’t know how many liberals come out of VMI but I’m not sure why they’re confused”

Ralph Northam and his campaign appear to have short memories, as just days before this interview they were desperate to flaunt Northam’s status as “Virginia’s most progressive candidate for governor” in their campaign literature.

Even Tom Perriello’s campaign seemed to agree, as his communications director tweeted that Northam, “is the most progressive #VAGov nom in recent memory:”

And just hours before his appearance on MSNBC, Northam himself tweeted video of himself claiming: “We’re going to do more than just keep Virginia blue we’re going to make it even bluer:”


After spending months desperately trying to assert that he was the “most progressive” Democrat running for Virginia governor, Ralph Northam now claims that people are “confused” when they call him a liberal. This further shows that Ralph Northam will say anything and try to portray himself as whatever he needs to be in order to win an election. Unfortunately for Northam, Virginians have been paying attention to his campaign’s talking points over the past few months and they will not mistake him for anything other than the left-wing extremist he has tried to present himself as.