Still 🦗 from MLG as vax mandate nears

Photo credit: CNN

The Department of Labor is expected to finalize Biden’s vaccine mandate for workers across New Mexico this week, yet Governor Lujan Grisham still refuses to answer where she stands on fining already struggling small businesses $14,000 if they do not comply.

Since Lujan Grisham previously stated that no one but her should have a say in New Mexico’s health mandates, will she stand up to Joe Biden and acknowledge it is the wrong policy for her state?

“With just days left until Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandate goes into effect, it’s a disgrace Michelle Lujan Grisham still refuses to lay out her position on such a crucial issue that promises to have a major impact on New Mexico’s economy,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Small businesses are already on life support due to Lujan Grisham’s restrictive pandemic policies, and they cannot afford a policy that will make it even harder to find workers in an already tight labor market.”