Steve Beshear’s Stimulus Failure

As highlighted below, Governor Steve Beshear was an outspoken proponent of President Barack Obama’s $862 billion taxpayer-funded stimulus program. Unfortunately, today’s report that the national unemployment rate has climbed to 9.1% is the latest evidence that Obama’s stimulus has been a failure. Even more troubling, under Beshear’s watch, Kentucky has fared even worse than the nation at-large, and now has the worst unemployment rate in the region.

“Time and again, Steve Beshear has sided with the Obama administration over the best interests of Kentucky,” said RGA spokesman Mike Schrimpf. “Steve Beshear has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars on Kentucky’s stimulus boondoggle while unemployment has nearly doubled. Kentuckians should ask Beshear for their money back.”

Steve Beshear on December 1, 2008: “I’m certainly going to be pushing for all the types of stimulus packages to weather this storm.”  (‘Beshear plans to pitch stimulus bill for states to Obama,Lexington Herald-Leader 12/1/08)

Steve Beshear on August 18, 2009: “Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says the aggressive use of stimulus funds is essential to Kentucky’s survival in the recession.” (‘Beshear Says Stimulus Crucial For Kentucky,’ WFPL 8/18/2009)