States Led By Republican Governors Dominate CEO’s 2018 Best States For Business Rankings

16 of the 20 Best States For Business Are Led By Republican Governors

As Republican governors continue to promote pro-jobs, pro-growth policies that expand their states’ economies, job creators are taking notice. According to Chief Executive Magazine’s 2018 rankings of the Best States for Business, in which they surveyed more than 500 CEO’s, states led by GOP chief executives dominate the rankings, which show 16 of the top 20 states for business are led by Republican governors.

These rankings are no accident. Republican governors are taking action to drive job growth and make their states more business-friendly. Meanwhile, Democrat governors continue to push more anti-jobs, high-tax policies that make it more difficult for businesses to operate and for jobs to grow. As blue states continue to lose residents, businesses, jobs and dollars at a record pace, more and more CEOs are moving and growing their businesses in low-tax, pro-jobs states led by Republican governors.

Finishing No. 1 overall is Governor Greg Abbott’s Texas, which ranked as the Best State for Business for the 14th straight year. Under Governor Abbott, Texas’ economy is thriving, and thanks to his effective leadership, Texas continues to set an example as a top state for job growth.

In second place is Governor Rick Scott’s Florida, which continues to add jobs at a breakneck speed. Since Governor Scott was sworn into office in 2011, Florida has added over 1.5 million new jobs – a direct result of Governor’s Scott’s tax cuts and business-friendly initiatives.

Finishing third is Governor Henry McMaster’s South Carolina, where his fight for low taxes and less regulation have resulted in more jobs for South Carolinians. Since Governor McMaster took office, South Carolina has added over 18,000 jobs as the state’s economic success continues to grow.

In fifth place is Governor Eric Holcomb’s Indiana – making his state the best state for business in the Midwest. Under Governor Holcomb, Indiana is on an economic roll, and he’s using the state’s robust economic and job growth to make Indiana more attractive for prospective businesses.

Rounding out the top ten are Governor Bill Haslam’s Tennessee at No. 6, Governor Nathan Deal’s Georgia at No. 7, Governor Doug Ducey’s Arizona at No. 9, and Governor John Kasich’s Ohio at No. 10.

These rankings prove once again why Republican governors are known as America’s Doers – they continue to deliver results for the people of their states.