States Led By GOP Governors Dominate Chief Executive Magazine’s 2017 Best States For Business Rankings

As the new 2017 Chief Executive Magazine Best States For Business rankings show, states with Republican governors continue to be the best places in America to do business. This year, the magazine asked hundreds of CEO’s to rank the best and worst states to do business based on taxes, regulations, workforce quality and living environment.

States with Republican governors once again dominate the 2017 rankings. 16 of the top 20 of Chief Executive Magazine’s Best States for Business are led by a Republican governors, including 9 of the top 10.

For the 13th consecutive year, CEO’s ranked Gov. Greg Abbott’s Texas as the No. 1 overall Best State for Business in America. Governor Abbott’s commitment to pro-jobs policies has the Lone Star state positioned for economic success now and in the future.

Ranked as the second overall best state for business in America is Gov. Rick Scott’s Florida. Thanks to Gov. Scott’s pro-growth leadership, Florida’s unemployment rate has fell to a near 10-year low, and the state has added over 1.3 million jobs on his watch.

And cracking the top 10 states for the first time ever, Governor Scott Walker’s Wisconsin is ranked as the 10th best state for business in America, a testament to his commitment to strengthening the state’s business-friendliness. Before Governor Walker took office, Wisconsin ranked as one of the worst states for business in the survey, but now, under his leadership, the state has moved up 31 places in the rankings, and now enjoys its place as one of the best states in America for business.

Republican governors are cutting taxes, reining in wasteful spending, slashing red tape, reinventing state government, and putting policies in place that encourage innovation and economic growth. As this survey proves, Republican governors get results.