State of Iowa > State of the Union

Tonight, Governor Kim Reynolds will deliver the much-anticipated response to President Biden’s State of the Union speech.

Some fast facts about the State of Reynold’s State:

  • Iowa ranks in the top 20 states that are best for business. Neighboring Illinois ranks in the bottom 3.
  • Unemployment rates in blue states like California, New York, and Illinois were nearly double Iowa’s rate.
  • 2020 job losses in blue states like California, New York, and Illinois nearly doubled Iowa’s rate.
  • Iowa ranks at number 3 out of 51 in states that bounced back from the pandemic the quickest.

“While the State of the Union is weak and the crises never end under President Biden’s failed leadership, the State of Iowa is strong under Governor Kim Reynolds,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “Reynolds perfectly encapsulates strong leadership in the face of adversity. Despite a global pandemic that crippled economies across the country, her balanced approach resulted in a swift recovery for the state of Iowa. Tonight, Governor Reynolds will offer hope and a way forward for all Americans under strong state leadership from Republican governors.”