Springfield Republican Endorses Governor Charlie Baker For Re-Election In Massachusetts

Praising his record of delivering results for the people of Massachusetts, The Springfield Republican has endorsed Governor Charlie Baker for re-election.

The Republican lauded Governor Baker for making Massachusetts a “national leader” in combating the opioid crisis and for his ability “to search for consensus and find solutions” through bipartisan leadership. The Republican also noted Governor Baker’s sky-high approval ratings from his constituents, writing “that Baker is consistently ranked the nation’s most popular governor speaks to the enduring value of his approach.”

Governor Baker’s commitment to bipartisan, results-driven leadership continues to pay off for the people of Massachusetts and – as The Republican’s endorsement shows – he has earned another term in office.

The Springfield Republican writes:

“When Charlie Baker is asked about how he handles his duties as governor of Massachusetts, the incumbent’s response is succinct but revealing.

‘In the end,’ Baker said during a recent visit to Western Massachusetts, ‘it’s all about the work.’

Charlie Baker is not a flashy, exciting political figure. His observations are relentlessly measured. So are most policies of this Republican governor in a heavily Democratic state. It reflects a man who seeks consensus and a reasonable middle ground – partly because the state’s politics require he must, but also because that’s his nature.

These are not weaknesses. These are strengths. In an era of flame-throwing rhetoric that impedes legislation more often than advancing it, Baker is a reminder that consensus, bipartisan government can not only still work but is the best path to results.

Charlie Baker is The Republican’s choice to win another term as governor in the November 6 election.

That Baker is consistently ranked the nation’s most popular governor speaks to the enduring value of his approach. The far left looks at his fiscal caution with suspicion. The far right, including many in his own party, fume when the governor does not embrace the most rigid principles of the conservative wing.

What Baker does get is results. More needs to be done on attacking the opioid epidemic, but Massachusetts is a national leader in this endeavor. Education always needs more, but the state maintains a high profile as a national model here, too.

Baker’s Democratic opponent is Jay Gonzalez, whose platform embraces a number of well-intentioned but expensive proposals. Gonzalez insists these can be adopted without breaking the taxpayers’ backs, but the philosophy is not a good fit for a state that walks a careful line on fiscal stability, and might not even do that, were Baker not watchful of financial impacts.

Massachusetts voters have repeatedly shown comfort in loading the Legislature with Democrats, but installing a Republican governor to provide some semblance of legislative balance. In Baker, they have found a chief executive who supports the state’s liberal social policies, is careful to keep the budget in check, and perhaps most of all, is willing to search for consensus and find solutions at the end of rhetorical debate.

He has also fulfilled a promise made by many predecessors but kept by hardly any. Baker has not been a stranger to Western Massachusetts and while the region always wishes it could receive more attention from Boston, the incumbent has not abandoned his pledge to remain aware and, when possible, supportive of the region’s unique needs.

Charlie Baker is right. In the end, a governor’s job is all about the work. Extremists at either end aren’t at ease with him. That might be the best endorsement of the work he’s done.

He deserves another four years to continue doing that work on behalf of Massachusetts and its citizens.”