South Carolina Dem Gov Candidate James Smith Refuses To Release Tax Returns Amid Questions About His Business Activities

With questions continuing to surround Liberal Politician James Smith’s business practices, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate remains silent in response to calls to release his tax returns. It has now been nearly two months since it was first reported that Smith may have improperly used his disabled veteran status to turn his company into a pass-through for government contracts to non-veterans businesses.

So far, Smith has given no indication that he intends to release ten years of is tax returns and relevant financial information for his business to the public, even refusing a request by the Post and Courier to provide transparency. Smith’s lack of openness with the media and the general public about his business activities only raises more concerns as he appears committed to hiding the truth from them.

If Smith wants to answer the serious questions surrounding his record, he should immediately release 10 years of his tax returns to the public along with any relevant financial information for his business to provide South Carolina voters with the transparency they deserve from any gubernatorial candidate.