Sisolak Just Blamed Inflation on Nevadans

Photo credit: CNN

Governor Sisolak’s latest ad is a slap in the face to Nevada’s small business owners.

He begins by criticizing inflation (which was caused by the leader of his party) and goes on to criticize business owners by saying: “Look, a governor can’t force companies to cut prices.” You know, the companies that Sisolak shut down with his heavy-handed pandemic restrictions?

“Sisolak blaming Joe Biden’s inflation on Nevada’s business owners is as tone deaf as it gets,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “Sisolak made sure to decimate small businesses and the livelihoods of hardworking Nevada families during the pandemic, and now he’s twisting the knife. If Sisolak really cares about skyrocketing prices, he should have a conversation with the President who endorsed him.”