Second Straight Poll Shows Gretchen Whitmer Losing Michigan Dem Gov Primary

Even with the backing of the Michigan Democrat establishment, Gretchen Whitmer continues to struggle on the campaign trail as a second consecutive public poll shows her in second place behind liberal multimillionaire Shri Thanedar for her party’s gubernatorial nomination. A new survey by the Detroit Chamber has Whitmer trailing Thanedar as her candidacy continues to fail to catch fire with voters.

This comes just after an MRG poll showed Whitmer losing to Thanedar by a nearly identical margin. To make matters worse for Whitmer, growing discontent among Democrat base voters has dominated headlines in recent weeks, threatening the party’s chances of victory in November.

Whitmer’s failure in the Democrat field is yet another stumble for her as she faces an increasingly difficult path to victory in the general election – if she even makes it.