Seattle Liberal & Tax Hiker Jay Inslee Calls Fred Hubbell His ‘Perfect Candidate’

Seattle Liberal and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is calling Iowa Democrat gubernatorial candidate and liberal megadonor Fred Hubbell the “perfect candidate.” It’s no surprise that Inslee would feel a kinship with him – Hubbell’s far-left views would play incredibly well in liberal Seattle.

For years, Hubbell funded the left, funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to support Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Planned Parenthood, and Pelosi’s Washington Democrats.

Now, Hubbell has made plans for tax hikes the centerpiece of his campaign, just like the far-left politicians in Seattle. This month, Hubbell even pledged on camera that he would “peel back” Governor Kim Reynolds’ historic tax cuts.

Fred Hubbell wants to turn Iowa into Seattle, and that’s a future Iowa families simply cannot afford.