As Scandals Worsen, Dem Gov Gina Raimondo Fails To Manage Damage Control

After a week consumed by scandal due to systemic incompetence with her administration following a missed lawsuit deadline that could cost the state $24 million, Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo desperately went into damage control mode. She hurriedly put out a series of “personnel reforms” and blamed the scandal on a “culture” that allowed problems to grow worse. Absent from Raimondo’s comments were any apology or any attempt to take responsibility for the crisis.

If Raimondo truly cared about addressing the “culture” of bureaucratic incompetence in Rhode Island, she would have taken action on the matter during her previous three years in office. Instead, her mismanagement led to an alarming lapse within her Health and Human Services Department that may cost the state tens of millions of dollars. A new Rhode Island Public Radio column by Scott MacKay asserts that the scandal “blemishes her reputation” on the heels of the state’s UHIP crisis and raises even more questions about the Raimondo administration’s transparency issues.

If Gina Raimondo truly wants to make meaningful “personnel changes” to fix Rhode Island’s numerous problems under her watch, there’s only one that could truly make a difference: electing a new governor this November.