What They Are Saying: New Poll Shows Dem Gov Gina Raimondo Facing Difficult Path To Re-Election

A new WPRI/Roger Williams University poll of Rhode Island voters shows Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s approval rating falling to an all-time low of just 37 percent as she remains locked in a statistical tie with a potential GOP challenger. With only 8 months to go until Election Day, Governor Raimondo faces an increasingly difficult path to re-election as her administration remains mired in scandals while economic growth remains stagnant. Here are some highlights of recent coverage:

WPRI-TV reported that not only do just 37 percent give Raimondo positive marks for her job performace, but only 39 percent think the state is moving in the right direction:

WPRI-TV also noted that the poll shows that the gubernatorial election “could be a very competitive race” with Raimondo in a statistical tie with one GOP challenger:

The Providence Journal attributed Raimondo’s weak numbers to her administration’s long list of shortcomings, noting “the public has apparently been paying attention:”

“…legislators back home criticized her sharply — and publicly — for the huge backlogs created by the state’s flawed “UHIP’ public-assistance computer system, now in the hands of a court-appointed special master; alleged dysfunction at the Department of Children, Youth & Families; and alleged over-reliance on illusory revenues and savings in her proposed budgets.

The public has apparently been paying attention.”

Rhode Island Political analyst Joe Fleming said on the poll that that Raimondo’s numbers “are not as high as she hoped they would be” and she “is losing independent voters, which make up half the voters in Rhode Island:”

“’I think the governor’s race is very fluid at this time,’ said Eyewitness News political analyst Joe Fleming, who conducted the poll. He added: ‘The governor’s numbers are not as high as she hoped they would be…’

‘So the governor is losing independent voters, which make up half the voters in Rhode Island, but she is winning very large among Democrats,’ Fleming said.”

And CNN’s Harry Enten reacted to the poll saying it “looks close” and he wouldn’t be shocked if the “GOP held 5 of 6 governorships in New England by next year:”