HE SAID IT: Mike Cooney’s “Jobs Plan” Is “New Regulations And Government Offices”

As the Montana gubernatorial candidates prepare to meet in their final debate Tuesday evening, the contrast between their plans get Montana’s workers and job creators back on their feet could not be more clear.

Despite Democrat Mike Cooney’s best efforts to avoid the top issues for Montana voters, jobs and economic recovery have been front and center in the governor’s race. Republican nominee Greg Gianforte released his Montana Comeback Plan in July, which provides a comprehensive roadmap to economic recovery.

Cooney took a different approach. Amid a loss of more than 27,000 jobs and over 100,000 unemployment claims filed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with workers taking home some of the lowest weekly paychecks in the country, Cooney called it “disingenuous” to suggest that Montana’s economy needs a comeback. But, perhaps after consulting with his handlers, Cooney finally released an “economic plan” that only a career politician could love.

How do the two plans compare? A recent headline from the Bozeman Daily Chroniclereads: “Governor hopefuls differ on plans for economic recovery.” That’s putting it mildly.

The report goes on to describe the candidates’ plans:

Gianforte’s “Montana Comeback Plan” calls for reducing regulation to give businesses room to grow and to offer high-wage jobs.


Cooney’s “Keep Montana Working Plan” aims to improve the environment for businesses not by reducing regulation but by creating new regulations and government offices to assist businesses.

When you’ve been collecting a paycheck from the taxpayers since Jimmy Carter was in the White House, like Mike Cooney has, growing government and building a bigger bureaucracy is job security!