Roy Cooper Taken To Task On Transparency As Out-Of-State Liberals Bankroll His Campaign

New analysis conducted by the Carolina Journal sheds light on the sources of Governor Roy Cooper’s campaign war chest and reignites questions about Cooper’s lack of transparency with the taxpayers of North Carolina.

Already facing a lawsuit for failing to comply with public record requests related to his fundraising trips to New York City, Cooper’s latest campaign finance report raises even more questions about his out-of-state travel. The Carolina Journal analysis states that “[i]f Cooper traveled on private aircraft, the value of the trip must be reported as a campaign contribution, and the contributor would have to be listed,” but points out that Cooper listed no such items on his report.

It appears Cooper could be following in his Democratic predecessors’ footprints – former North Carolina Democrat governors Mike Easley and Bev Purdue were both embroiled in legal trouble for failing to report travel expenses.

Cooper’s finance report does make one thing very clear – the elusive governor has endeared himself to the coastal elite liberal donor crowd. With over $600,000 from New York and California donors, including max donations from George Soros and his son, it’s clear Cooper has wandered so far leftward that he’s being embraced by some of the most extreme elements of the liberal apparatus. Cooper is so out of touch with North Carolina, he even launched his campaign in New York City.

“Governor Cooper is so desperate to hide his hobnobbing with extreme liberals like George Soros from North Carolina voters that he’s willing to withhold records and stonewall reporters to get away with it,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “That’s because he knows his far-left friends and financial backers prove how utterly out-of-touch he is with the vast majority of North Carolinians.”