Roanoke Times: “Northam Still Feeling the Heat From Anti-Pipeline Activists”

In the Virginia governor’s race, Democrat nominee Ralph Northam’s continued refusal to give voters a yes or no answer on whether he supports energy pipeline construction and the thousands of jobs it would create is hurting his ability to attract Tom Perriello supporters and unify Democrats for November. Even with national environmentalist groups backing his candidacy, Democrats who oppose energy pipelines remain unmoved, refusing to support Northam unless he comes out against the projects. As he tries to straddle both sides of the fence, courting supporters and opponents of the pipelines, Ralph Northam must realize that he cannot have it both ways on such a vital issue to Virginia’s future. Ralph Northam owes voters a straight answer.

The Roanoke Times reports:

Now, as Northam – who has not come out either in favor or against the natural gas pipelines – attempts to pick up Perriello’s supporters, some pipeline foes are resisting even though longtime environmental groups like the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters are backing Northam.

From protesters at his primary night party, to voters who refuse to vote for Northam unless he comes out against the pipelines, the Democratic nominee for governor faces continued pressure…

Members of Free Nelson, a group of pipeline fighters located in Nelson County, have refused to vote for Northam unless he comes out against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would pass through the county. Many in the group supported Perriello in the primary, said Sharon Ponton, a member.