After “Rigging” Accusations, New Mexico Dems Descend Into Chaos

National Democrats have long been taking the New Mexico race for granted, assuming they can depend on state Democrats to win back the governorship.

But, this strategy is beginning to backfire, as New Mexico Democrats are increasingly descending into infighting and chaos.

On Tuesday, the New Democrat Party Chairman Richard Ellenberg was forced to resign “amid simmering criticism.”

The resignation comes after three Democrat gubernatorial candidates, Jeff Apodaca, Joseph Cervantes, and Peter DeBenedittis, have claimed that the New Mexico Democrat party is “rigging” primary process in favor of Michelle Lujan Grisham. Questions about the integrity of the primary process have only grown in recent days after the New Mexico Democrat Conventions turned into a “fiasco,” where “alleged bribes” were “made to delegates.”

If New Mexico Democrats and Michelle Lujan Grisham can’t be trusted to hold a fair primary, how can they be trusted to lead the state?