Does Richard Cordray Support Imposing A $32 Trillion Single-Payer Healthcare Scheme In Ohio?

As more than 20 Democrat gubernatorial candidates around the country embrace Single-Payer healthcare for their states, Washington D.C. Bureaucrat Richard Cordray has so far refused to admit whether he supports imposing the expensive scheme if elected in Ohio. When asked by The Columbus Dispatch in June if he supported Single-Payer, Cordray refused to give a straight answer, even as some of Cordray’s biggest supporters, including far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren, have been strong supporters of the system.

A new study reported by The Associated Press revealed that a “Medicare-for-all” Single-Payer plan would cost $32.6 trillion and force historic tax hikes on working families across the country. A similar nonpartisan study of a state-level Single-Payer proposal in Maryland also showed that such a plan would lead to an unprecedented increase in taxes.

With his top supporters standing firmly behind a Single-Payer system, despite studies showing just how burdensome it would be to working families across the country, Cordray cannot remain silent on the issue. He owes voters a clear answer: does he support imposing a Single-Payer healthcare system on Ohio?