Rhode Island Loses Jobs In March Under Dem Gov Gina Raimondo

Despite failed Democrat governor Gina Raimondo’s repeated claims that she is focused on job growth, a new report by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training showed that the state lost 700 jobs last month under her watch.

The Providence Journal reports:

“Rhode Island’s unemployment rate dipped slightly, to 4.3 percent, in March, but the state lost 700 jobs, according to the monthly jobs report released Thursday by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training.”

These numbers further prove that Gina Raimondo is all talk, no action when it comes to creating jobs for the people of Rhode Island. While her staff has been caught fudging employment numbers and outside groups have already run big money ads on her behalf, Gina Raimondo has desperately tried to conceal her failed record on jobs. But unfortunately for her, Rhode Islanders know who is responsible for the state’s still lagging economy.