Rhode Island Dem Gov Gina Raimondo Still Hasn’t Returned Attorney Donations From Law Firm Under Federal Investigation

Months after taking heat for refusing to return contributions from lawyers of a Boston law firm investigated for possible illegal campaign donations to numerous Democrat candidates, Rhode Island Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo still hasn’t returned the contributions she received from them, despite many other Democrats having returned their donations from Thornton lawyers or given them to charity. According to her campaign finance reports released this week, Raimondo has yet to return the donations from attorneys at the firm despite its potentially alarming and illegal actions:

Gina Raimondo’s Contributions From Donors At Thornton Law Firm:

Even as Democrat candidates like Hillary Clinton, Maggie Hassan, Russ Feingold, Jason Kander, and Ted Strickland have all returned or committed to return the contributions they received that were tied to Thornton, Raimondo still hasn’t done the same and has given no reason for her continued refusal. Raimondo’s willingness to accept contributions from attorneys of a firm investigated for potentially illegal political activity raises serious questions about her own ethics. Raimondo owes the people of Rhode Island an explanation.