RGA Statement on U.S. House Budget Bill

Republican Governors Association Chairman Bob McDonnell issued the following statement in response to the introduction of the Fiscal Year 2013 budgetThe Path to Prosperitythis morning:

“For the second year in a row, Republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced a clear plan to strengthen our economy, encourage job creation, give states more flexibility and restore our nation’s fiscal health, and these ideas deserve bipartisan consideration. I hope that Senate Democrats will consider a similarly serious budget plan instead of making this year the third consecutive one in which Democrats fail to pass a budget.

Governors must balance a budget every year, and Republican governors have accomplished this by setting priorities and making government live within its means, like families and job-creators do every day. This budget follows the same common-sense approach.

Republicans understand that our nation’s future requires its leaders to put forward a workable plan that will balance the budget and remove mountains of debt from the shoulders of our children and grandchildren.  Now it’s time for President Obama and his Party to bring their own plan to the table.”